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Pablo Aguado

Pablo Aguado Lucena, born in Seville in 1991. His career as steer's bullfighter is one of the most exciting and he hopes to take the alternative in 2017...

*Photo: Opinionytoros

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Bullfighter Pablo Aguado

Date of Birth: On January 3, 1991 in Sevilla

Debuted in public, it took place at the Cadiz town of Los Barrios, on August 3, 2012, which dealt a steer Carlos Nunez who won two appendices.

Debuted lights:

Debuted with picadors: In Olivenza March 8, 2015 to estoquear novillada El Freixo next to Posada de Maravillas, Gines Marin and Juan Carlos Carballo,

Debuted in Las Ventas: On April 3, 2016 acartelado with Jose Ruiz Muñoz and Miguel Angel Leon Sanchez Herrero Hermanos livestock


Linked to the world of bulls since childhood, since his paternal grandfather was cattle of bulls, he stood for the first time in front of a heifer at nine years old and was a student of the School Taurine-Amate Sevilla.