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Jesulín de Ubrique

Buy your bullfight tickets to see Jesulín de Ubrique bullfighter in all fairs and bullrings where Jesulín de Ubrique fight this season 2018. Official sale of bullfight tickets.

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Jesulín Ubrique, born in 1974 in Ubrique (Cádiz). He changed the concept of bullfighting in Spain. As a child he dreamed of being a footballer. At thirteen, he has a knee injury and began to bullfight.

His popularity reached the top when In 1994 in Aranjuez, he dedicated a bullfight to women. About 9,000 women came to this town of Madrid with the good intention of seeing the young bullfighter Ubrique. That year was he got to be the highest ranking of bullfighters in Spain

He appeared in 153 bullfights and he won 339 ears (the ears are the bull trophy).

And in 1995 reached a record of bullfight. He appeared in 161 bullfights and he won 279 ears.

In April 1999, with only 25 years, decided to withdraw temporarily from the bullfight due to lack of motivation. In the 2001 season reappeared in the square Olivenza (Badajoz, Spain), with the intention of fighting less and recovering the good feelings of his time as an apprentice.

In 2001 had a very serious car accident.

In January 2003 the City of Ubrique named him the city's favorite son. After a voluntary recall of nearly two years, returned to the bullfight on March 8, 2010, in the first bullfight of the Fair of La Magdalena in Castellon.