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Bullring of Jaen. Festival San Lucas of Jaen in Octubre. All the information about bullfighting, bullfighters and bullring of Jaen. Enjoy the Spanish culture.

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Bullring Jaén

His Bullring of Jaen or Main street of The Avenue was inaugurated on October 18, 1962, with a cartel formed by the espadas Diego Puerta, Alpaca I Walk and Palmeño. On October 18, 2010, last day of San Lucas's Fair, The Juli and Jose Carlos Venegas commemorated 50 anniversary of the first opening procession in the square, with Enrique Ponce's bullfight.

Square information:
Capacity: 10,500 locations
Category: 2nd class
Location: Alameda de Adolfo Suárez, 2, 23003 Jaén

The bullfighting is very established in the city of Jaen, to the being the cattle very important sector in the province, where Cernuño or Enrique Ponce are some of the most important ranching of Spain, as Apolinar. The city possesses a bullring, the main street of The Avenue an appraisal of 10 500 spectators, being his principal spectacles celebrated during San Lucas's Fair in October, which turns into the last one the bullfighting fair of the season into Spain.
Also it is necessary to emphasize the celebration every year of the " Great Bullfighting Festival to benefit of the Spanish Association Against the Cancer ", in that Enrique Ponce collaborates and in that discharges inform figures of the bullfighting as The Leader, the Fandi or Jose Maria Manzanares. For your part, in the city of Jaen some big figures of the bullfighting have born, as Juan Carlos García of the Tube or the rejoneador Álvaro Montes, who took the alternative in the main street of The Avenue, as they have made it other many bullfighters along the history.

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