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Bullring of Segovia. All the information about bullfighting, bullfighters and bullring of Segovia .

*Photo of the front: Opinionytoros

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Bullring Segovia

  • The bullring of Segovia, the out-standing feasts are celebrated during the big holidays of the city, San Juan and San Pedro during June.
    You can´t stop visiting the Aqueduct of Segovia and the Only and magnificent Fortress.
  • The Aqueduct of Segovia is one of the most haughty works that the Romans made distributed by his vast empire. It was constructed to lead up to Segovia the water of the Saw, it is a heraldic symbol of the city and his construction was attributed to the devil by the legend. The profile of the Fortress appears as an imaginary nose on the slit in which the rivers Eresma and Clamors come together, the castle turned into Fortress - royal residence - in the XIIIth, he acquired his Gothic physiognomy in the times of Juan II and Enrique IV. His restoration has been constant after a serious fire happened in 1862 and that to point was of destroying it definitively.Nevertheless, in 1882, reigning Alfonso XII, his reconstruction never began, already left by the Patronage of the Fortress, which it has been restoring artesonados, friezes, altarpieces and walls.
  • To taste the local dish of the land, Sucking-pig.
    Is a gastronomic tradition to eat Sucking-pig in the visit to Segovia, there is needed, it yes that the raw material fulfills certain conditions as for origin (preferably animals native to the zone), age (21 days for the sucking-pig and scanty months for the young lamb) I weigh (between 5 and 6 kg, the young lamb and not more than 4 kg the tostón) and, especially the form of supply (only milk of his respective mothers).
    The young lamb or the sucking-pig are a part of the offer of meats of the restaurants of the capital, completed by the products obtained of the slaughtering, ritual that still is celebrated in the province in the coldest months.

Information of the Segovia bullring

  • Capacity: 6.500 locations
  • Category: Second category
  • Location: Carretera Granja 4 – 40100 Segovia

Who manages the bullring of Segovia?

The bullring is managed by José Luís Pereda.

Check the official bullfighting schedule to match a bullfight with your visit dates

  • San Juan y San Pedro, June.

What do you need to know before going to the bullfights at Segovia

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