Leonardo Hernández

Leonardo Hernández Narvaéz, horse-bullfighter born in Badajoz and son of the also horse-bullfighter Leonardo Hernández García, who was also his godfather of alternative in the Córdoba Bullring.

* Photographs by SCP and Plaza 1.

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Horse-bullfighter Leonardo Hernández

Leonardo Hernández Narváez

Date of birth: December 11, 1987 in Badajoz.

Debut in public: on May 1, 2004 in Huéneja (Granada), with Guadiamar steers.

Alternative: May 28, 2006 in Córdoba, with Leonardo Hernández (his father) as godfather and Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza as witness. Flores Tassara was the cattle ranch and 'Cirilo' his first bull. He cut an ear.

Confirmation: June 4, 2006 in Las Ventas sharing poster with Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Joao Moura Jr. and bulls from Fidel San Román. One ear was his trophy.

Manager: from 2015 to 2018 it was Andrés Caballero, since then is Alberto García from the company Tauroemoción.

Proclaimed by the company as Best Horse-bullfighter of the Fair of San Isidro 2016.