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Bullfight García Jiménez .– Bullfighting Bulls – All the information about cattle firms, Owner, insignia, farms, acronym and history. Buy your tickets for all bull fighting events with bulls from García Jiménez . Ranch.

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Bulls García Jiménez

Owner: Antonio García Jiménez

Badge: Rose and blue.

Acronym: UFN

Ear signal: Orejisana.

Cattle farm: 'Zarzosillo de Arriba' 37621 El Cabaco (Salamanca).

History: It comes from the one that Jose Torres y Díez of the Curtain formed in 1875 with part of the herd of cows of the inheritors of Jose Maria Benjumea. In 1901 it was acquired by Luis Gamero Cívico who eliminates the proceeding thing from Benjumea, happening later to Jose Gamero Cívico. Fabián Mangas spent the ranching successively for Goyzueta Hermanos in 1918, don Andrés Lopez Chaves in 1920, in 1926, Lorenzo Rodríguez in 1928, Benito Martin Rodríguez, Juan Sanchez Tabernero in 1942 and finally of this one Francisco Ramirez Bernaldo de Quirós acquires it in 1950. In 1953, after his death, it happens to his inheritors who divide her in 1957, spending one of the lots to Carmen Ramirez Zurbano. In 1972 it is acquired by Leonardo Vázquez Masa who her sells to Antonio Rubio Dutroit.In 1975 the purchase don Manuel Navarro Sabido, who changes the iron and it her sells in 1982 to " Children of don Jose Ortega ", who in turn her alienate in 1985 Antonio Borrero García, that "Villalba" announces it. In 1987 it is acquired by his current owners, who change the iron for the current one and acquire in 1989 cows of "Peñajara". In 1991 everything previous is eliminated and they form her with cows and breeding of "Jandilla" and don Juan Pedro Domecq Solís.