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Antonio López Gibaja

Located in Oliva de Plasencia (Cáceres). Its origin is D. Juan Pedro Domecq and Núñez de Villavicencio, via Toros de El Torero. It obtained the antiquity in 2000.

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Bulls Antonio López Gibaja

Owner: D. Antonio López Gibaja Libertad.

Badge: Red, yellow and red

Acronym: UKH.

Ear signal: Orejisana in both.

Cattle farm: 'Los Baldíos'10667 Oliva de Plasencia (Cáceres).

 History: This ranching is created in 1993, under the protection of the article 6 º of the Bylaws of the Union, when the co-ownership of the Ranching extinguishes The Poplar, by the part that corresponded to dona Pilar Hurtado, announcing to his name. In 1998 it is acquired by don Antonio Lopez Gibaja, that the form with cows proceeding inheritors' of Carlos Núñez, line Corner, and breeding of Ranching Marquess of Domecq and Jandilla. In 2009, the ranching increases for the purchase of cows and breeding of the iron of Bulls of The Bullfighter.