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El Torero

Livestock from Cádiz, of precedence Mr. Juan Pedro Domecq and Núñez de Villavicencio. It acquired the antiquity in 1970.

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Bulls El Torero

Owner: Agropecuaria Camporreal, S.L.

Badge: Blue and Red.

Acronym: UJK.

Ear signal: Top of sword in both ears.

Cattle farm: 'Las Salinas de Hortales' 11670 El Bosque (Cádiz).

History: In 1938 don Jose Enrique Calderón buys don Salvador Domecq y Díez departs from the lot that corresponded to him of his father, don Juan Pedro Domecq y Núñez of Villavicencio, proceeding from Veragua. In 1949 the part that corresponded to don Ricardo Calderón Alcalde was sold to don Salvador Algarra. In 1956 don Salvador Domecq y Díez acquires don Salvador Algarra's ranching, eliminating the beasts proceeding Algarra's. In 1960 it changed the design of the iron. With regard to the origin of the cattle, in 1930 don Juan Pedro Domecq y Núñez of Villavicencio acquired the ranching of the Duke of Veragua to don Manuel Martin Alonso. Don Juan Pedro increases it with cows and breeding of the Count of the Court. To the death from this one, in 1937, she is inherited by his children, the Brothers Domecq and Díez, who eliminate part of the origin Veragua and increase it with beasts of the ranching of don Ramon Mora-Figueroa and of the Count of the Court. In 1968 it separates of his brothers, don Juan Pedro and don Pedro, with the transfer of the third part that was corresponding to him, happening to promise to be " Bulls of The Bullfighter ". In 1970 it returns to change the iron for the current one. From 2002 it yields, don Salvador Domecq y Díez, his daughter, dona Lola Domecq Sainz of Cleared grounds, the iron together with a fourth part of the beasts, being kept intact in his origins.