Morante de la Puebla

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Bullfighter Morante de la Puebla

Date of Birth: La Puebla del Río Sevilla, October 2, 1979

public debut:  Villamanrique de la Condesa (Seville), September 3, 1988

Debut light: He dressed lights for the first time in Villamanrique de la Condesa (Seville) on September 3, 1988.

Debut with picadors: On April 16, 1994, Guillena (Spain)

Sales Debut: On May 14, 1998 in Madrid.

Alternative: On June 29, 1997, in Burgos.

Confirmation: May 14, 1998, with Julio Aparicio as padrino and El Cordobés as witness, before bulls of Sepúlveda.

Morante defined himself as a bullfighter pulse of instinct. Torea as that asks for your body and mind at the time. Like all artists, not conspicuous by their regularity, and as high-profile as his triumphs are his fights. Despite an abnormal treasures which regularly for the kind of matador is.

A rancher famous once said a muletazo that man is worth more than the best run of any other torero. It also has a lot of media out because as good artist always tries to output your interiority, are known numerous interviews and appearances on cultural events.

April Fair in Seville 2016 proclaimed him as the best job and best bullfighter layer of a matador Morante

Received at the end of paseillo of this Thursday August 18, 2016 in Malaga the capes the winner of the 2015 fair received the award from the hand of the Malaga City Mayor Francisco de la Torre Prados.

Awarded Best Faena of the San Isidro Fair 2022.

Bullfighter José Antonio Morante de la Puebla: his professional career, biography and curiosities

José Antonio Morante Camacho, known in the bullfighting world as Morante de la Puebla, was born on October 2, 1979, in La Puebla del Río, Seville, Spain. He is one of the most prominent and charismatic bullfighters of contemporary bullfighting.

From his childhood, Morante showed great interest in the world of bullfighting. He began his bullfighting training at the bullfighting school in the town of Espartinas, Seville, where he quickly stood out for his talent and skills.

Morante de la Puebla made his debut as a novice bullfighter with picadors on March 7, 1997, at the bullring of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, leaving an indelible impression on the audience and bullfighting critics. His unique style, marked by deep artistic expression, quickly earned him recognition as one of the most promising figures in bullfighting.

Some anecdotes and curiosities about Morante de la Puebla's professional career include:

  1. Innovative Style: Morante is known for his revolutionary style and his ability to reinvent traditional forms of bullfighting. His bullfighting is characterized by elegance, creativity, and originality in every move and pass.

  2. Passion for Painting and Music: Outside the bullrings, Morante is passionate about painting and music. He has showcased his talent as a painter in various exhibitions and has also ventured into the world of music, recording flamenco albums.

  3. Respect for Tradition: Despite his avant-garde style, Morante is a deep connoisseur and respectful of bullfighting tradition. He has demonstrated his mastery in both the most classic and the most innovative bullfights, always adapting to the type of bull and the audience present.

  4. Relationship with Fans: Morante is very close to his fans and shows great empathy towards bullfighting aficionados. He is always accessible and willing to sign autographs or take photos with his admirers.

  5. Triumphs in Major Bullrings: Throughout his career, Morante has achieved significant triumphs in the main bullrings of Spain and other bullfighting countries, such as Las Ventas in Madrid, La Maestranza in Seville, and the Plaza México, among others.

  6. Memorable Performances: His performances are often remembered for the emotional intensity and aesthetic beauty he brings to each bullfight. Moments such as his performance with the bull "Cobradiezmos" at the April Fair in Seville in 2001 have been etched in the memory of fans.

In summary, Morante de la Puebla is an exceptional bullfighter whose career is marked by his unique style, deep knowledge of bullfighting, and ability to thrill and captivate the audience in each performance. His legacy will endure in bullfighting history as one of the great masters of his time.

The best performance by José Antonio Morante de la Puebla

One of Morante de la Puebla's most memorable performances took place at the Las Ventas Bullring in Madrid. It was during the San Isidro Fair in 2009 when Morante delivered a masterful performance facing the bull named "Ratón" from the Jandilla breeding line. That evening, Morante dazzled the audience with his elegant and profound bullfighting, executing a faena filled with artistry, poise, and depth. His connection with the bull and the arena was extraordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the history of bullfighting. This performance is widely regarded as one of the best of his career and serves as an example of Morante de la Puebla's virtuosity and mastery in the bullring.