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Juan Luis Fraile y Martín

Bullfight Juan Luis Fraile y Martín.– Bullfighting Bulls – All the information about cattle firms, Owner, insignia, farms, acronym and history. Buy your tickets for all bull fighting events with bulls from Juan Luis Fraile y Martín. Ranch.

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Bulls Juan Luis Fraile y Martín

Owner: Juan Luis Fraile, S.C.P.

Badge: Sky blue and brown.

Acronym: UDK

Ear signal: Gallows in both

Cattle farm: Cojos de Robliza'37130 Robliz de Cojos (Salamanca),'Monte Abajo'37451 Villalba de los Llanos (Salamanca),'San Lorenzo'37130 Tabera de Abajo (Salamanca).

History: It comes from the formed one for don Fernando Perez Tabernero in 1884. To his death in 1911 it distributed between his children corresponding a lot to don Graciliano Perez - bartender, who in 1920 eliminated all the beasts and bought a lot of more than 100 females and two breeding ones the Count of Holy Coloma. In 1939 most of the ranching is sold to don Jose Escobar Barrilaro, saving itself the iron, a short number of females and the breeding one, promising to be addressed to Children of don Graciliano Perez - bartender. In 1962 the lot corresponding to his wife was sold to don Javier Sanchez Ferrero, acquiring it later the gentlemen don Germán Pimentel Gamazo and don Matías Sanromán Fraile, that "Jarales de Huelmos" announced, her selling in 1973 to don Juan Luis and don Nicolás Fraile Martin.

In 1999, and for don Juan Luis' death, it happens to promise to be addressed to his inheritors. In 1999, and for don Juan Luis' death, it happens to property of his inheritors, preserving the name don Juan Luis Fraile and Martin.