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Bullfight Sánchez-Cobaleda.– Bullfighting Bulls – All the information about cattle firms, Owner, insignia, farms, acronym and history. Buy your tickets for all bull fighting events with bulls from Sánchez-Cobaleda. Ranch.

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Bulls Sánchez-Cobaleda

Owner: Santa María y Entrearroyos, S.L.

Badge: Purple and red.

Acronym: UIL

Ear signal: Gallows in both

Cattle farm: Castillejo de Huebra' 37493 Muñoz (Salamanca); tfno.: 923 16 41 94, 'Zamarril' 10883 Portaje (Cáceres), 'Santa María' 10840 Moraleja (Cáceres).

History: Formed by Jose Vega in 1910 with cows of Veragua and breeding of Holy Coloma, it happened in 1914 to the brothers Villar. In 1928  Francisco Villar sold his part to Arturo Sanchez Cobaleda and to his death, in 1942, happened to his children, dividing in 1950 and corresponding one of the lots with the original iron and currency don Manuel Sanchez Cobaleda. To his death, in 1985, the ranching goes on to the current owners.