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Ruiz Miguel bullfighter

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Torero Ruiz Miguel

Born: on March 4, 1949 in San Fernando, Cadiz.

Take turns: in Barcelona on April 27, 1969, at the hands of Jose Fuentes and Manolo Vazquez, who gave him the bull's death Pinto Baker Barreiro.

Confirming: in Madrid on May 15, 1970, sponsored by Andrés Hernando and Juan Jose Garcia Corral, Osborne bulls. He was one of the few fighters in the tail cut in the Maestranza in Sevillewalked out the front door of Sales, on 10 occasions. Torero specialist runs hard, reaching out to fight: 100 runs Miura, 86 and 36 Victorino Paul Romero. Value Torero, crutch powerful and muchhonor. He is currently a commentator Toros bullfighting in the program for all of South Channel.He is married to Lola Alvarez Briales with which he has had 2 children and reside in Algeciras.

On August 20, 2011, 62 years, reappears in Sanlucar de Barrameda to kill a bull with FiniteSource Ymbro Cordoba and Juan Jose Padilla.