New team of agents for Emilio de Justo

Published : 2019-11-25 00:00:00
Categories : Breaking News , Businessman

After the departure of Ludovic Lelong ‘Luisito’, businessman and agent Simón Casas joins Alberto García in the management of Extremadura’s bullfighter career 

The bullfighter Emilio de Justo has closed the tandem he will manage from now on, and for an indefinite period, his career in the bullrings. The work of Alberto García, director of Tauroemoción, joins that of the Frenchman Simón Casas, businessman of Madrid and Valencia bullrings among others and recent agent of Sebastián Castella or Paco Ureña. Another Frenchman, Luisito, left his team a couple of weeks ago after three years of professional relationship.

Thus begins a promising new path for Emilio de Justo, both for the triumphs achieved in the last campaigns and for the bullrings and fairs to which he can opt.

Other alliances of the last days 

On the other hand, Pablo Aguado has also expanded his team. To the management of Antonio and Fran Vázquez (father and son) has joined the master Curro Vázquez, brother of the first.

Emilio de Justo BiografíaPhotograph by Emilio de justo Press.