Fernando Adrián as the winner of San Isidro receives the dress

Published : 2023-10-28 09:58:10
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The bullfighter Fernando Adrián, winner of San Isidro and of the whole season in the bullring of Las Ventas after leaving on shoulders both in the bullfight of May 28 and in the Beneficencia in June, was awarded this Thursday in the halls of the headquarters of the Centro Riojano in Madrid with the XIX Trofeo Vestido de Luces Rioja y Oro (19th Trophy Dressed in Rioja and Gold).

At the event, which was attended by José Antonio Rupérez Caño, president of the entity and Rodrigo Teijeiro, deputy director general of International Cooperation and Center Abroad of the Government of La Rioja, was also awarded the Capote de Paseo to the bullfighter Francisco José Espada.

The jury's decision was as follows:

"Considering the bullfighting festivities held in Madrid, on the occasion of the San Isidro Festivities including the Press and Charity bullfights, held in 2023, with the exception of the bullfights, has unanimously resolved to award the XIX Trofeo Vestido de Luces Rioja y Oro, to the Diestro FERNANDO ADRIÁN for his magnificent bullfights on May 31 and June 17, considering him the winner of the fair and deserving of this Vestido de Luces Rioja y Oro. It was also unanimously decided to present a "Capote de paseo" to the bullfighter FRANCISCO JOSÉ ESPADA, donated by Bodegas Marqués de Riscal. A bullfighter who on May 24 gave a great performance in the Plaza de las Ventas."

About the Rioja y Oro trophy

It should be noted that the 'Vestido de Luces Rioja y Oro' trophy is one of the most consolidated and recognized by the bullfighting world; it is awarded annually to the bullfighter who, in the opinion of the jury of the award, is the winner of the San Isidro Fair which takes place in the bullring of Las Ventas.

In 2000, bullfighting enthusiasts created this award, with the idea of reclaiming the name "Rioja" to refer to the red wine-colored bullfighter's costume. A Spanish name and not foreign as 'Bordeaux color', which is how it was known at that time to the aforementioned suit.

In this way, Fernando Adrián joins the list of great bullfighting figures such as José Tomas, El Juli, José María Manzanares, Miguel Ángel Perera, David Mora and Ginés Martín, who have been recognized with this award.

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