Fernando Adrián in the Spotlight of “Olé, Toro” on Telemadrid

Published : 2024-06-27 20:41:37
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This Saturday, the more intimate side of Fernando Adrián will be unveiled in an extensive report on Telemadrid. The program “Olé, Toro” features a profile of the bullfighter at the Los Eulogios ranch, located in Colmenar.

Fernando Adrián, the matador originally from Torres de la Alameda, who has achieved 24 consecutive triumphal exits, three of them at Las Ventas, will be the focus this Saturday at 5:30 PM in a new episode of the program “Olé, Toro”, which Telemadrid has been broadcasting since last April. Prior to the final three-bullfight of the Chenel Cup taking place in Móstoles, the network will air the report on Adrián.

The program, hosted by Laura Sánchez, features Marta Manzano as one of its reporters, who had the opportunity to interview Adrián. The episode takes place at a bull-testing event at the Los Eulogios ranch, where Manzano delves into the more personal side of Fernando Adrián, who shares his experiences of childhood, adolescence, and youth around the world of bullfighting, as well as his hobbies and love for the countryside.

¡Ole, Toro!” is a program with an innovative and unique format, designed for all audiences, allowing viewers to better understand the world of bullfighting. In fact, Fernando Adrián himself allows the cameras to get close to the bullring during the bull-testing event, where he explains the details of bullfighting.

With the aim of promoting understanding of everything that surrounds the art of bullfighting, the more technical aspects of this profession are combined with content more related to culture and customs, such as art, tradition, folklore, aesthetics, and the bull in the field.


Entrevista Fernando Adrián

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