The activity continues in Las Ventas

Published : 2019-11-06 00:00:00
Categories : Madrid

Miguel Abellán, director of the CAT, has inaugurated the course of the José Cubero ‘Yiyo’ Bullfighting School


Although we will not enjoy bullfightings until March, the activity does not stop at Las Ventas Bullring. The Bullfighting School of Madrid, located in the Monumental, has just opened its theoretical classes for the 2019/2010 academic year and has done so in the hands of the managing director of the Center for Bullfighting Affairs (CAT) of the Community of Madrid, the bullfighter Miguel Abellán.

The students who have filled the Sala Bienvenida have been able to see firsthand his personal experience at the School of Madrid and listen to his advice and recommendations for the hard, and at the same time beautiful, path they have chosen.


Madrid bullfighting School

The students of the Bullfighting School of Madrid with their teachers and Miguel Abellán. Photography by CAT.


The ‘Sala Cossío’ prepares to host the Carriquiri library


The Carriquiri collection, owned by the farmer Antonio Briones, will remain in storage and custody in Las Ventas, specifically in the José María de Cossío Room, where the adaptation works will be started next week to conserve and consult it. They will last approximately three weeks.

It consists of about 10,000 works including books, prints, posters, magazines...being one of the most important in the bullfighting world. It owns jewels like the Synodal Constitutions of Toledo of the XVI century; the first edition of the Bullfighting of Goya, of the year 1816; Hemingway's works in various languages ​​or the Picasso Bullfighting of 1959. 

In addition, Las Ventas Tour does not rest and shows all the secrets and corners of the most important bullring in the world to everyone who approaches. Do not forget to visit it and know the Bullfighting Museum!