The news of the week: "El Cid" says goodbye to Las Ventas

Published : 2019-10-04 00:00:00
Categories : Breaking News

The farewell of "El Cid" of Las Ventas

Manuel Jesús "El Cid" says goodbye to madrid fans on an emotional afternoon. He did "el paseillo" y later "El Cid" greeted the Madrid public twice and finally left of Las Ventas bullring on the shoulders of his fans.

Collaboration of Lances de Futuro and Tauroemoción

The managenement companies that manage the bullrings of Granada and Jaén, have established an agreement so that the subscribers of both bullrings can benefit of offers in their celebrations, starting with the San Lucas Fair of Jaén.

Roca Rey will reappear on November 3th in Lima

The Peruvian bullfighter will return to the bullrings in the Señor de los Milagros Fair after four months of his physical problems, and will do it in his city, Lima. Enrique Ponce and Finito de Córdoba will complete the poster and they will fight bulls of El Olivar and La Viña.

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