The bullfighting schools contest 'The Opportunity' returns to Vistalegre

Published : 2017-10-26 00:00:00
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Plaza 1 and the Center for Bullfighting Affairs recover the cycle of steer bullfights without horses that will take place on November 17, 18 and 19 at Palacio Vistalegre

'The Opportunity' was presented this morning in the Antonio Bienvenida Hall of the bullring of Las Ventas as a finishing touch to the first year of operation of the José Cubero 'Yiyo' Bullfighting School. The event was presented by Joserra Lozano and have spoken Nacho Lloret, manager of Plaza 1; Curro Vázquez, artistic director of the School 'Yiyo'; José Pedro Prados 'El Fundi', director of the School and Manuel Ángel Fernández, director of the Bullfighting Affairs Center of the Community of Madrid.

Two free practical classes with cattle of Antonio López Gibaja, Friday 17 at 6.30 pm and on Saturday the 18th at 12.00 pm, will precede the steer bullfight without picadors that will fight the three finalist novilleros on Sunday, November 19, also at 12.00 pm.

Nacho Lloret explained: "when we arrived at Las Ventas, the responsibility to create the School was one of the challenges that gave us the most respect and we are very satisfied with the results we have achieved". "It occurred to us that such a Contest was a good culmination to this first year, we wanted to do it in a place of the highest category, and the place that historically represents 'La Oportunidad' and where the young bullfighters have the best scenery to stand out is Vistalegre," he added before pointing out that "it is very wise to open the contest at the national level because the best schools and steer bullfighters that have achieved high-level triumphs this season will appear".

On the other hand, Curro Vázquez has affirmed to be "very happy" of the balance of the first year of operation of the School, "in which we have gone from 20 to 70 students". After highlighting the great work carried out by its director and team of teachers, has put in value that "the School 'Yiyo' has taken a step forward with scholarships for kids who already bullfight with picadors." In this sense, he stressed that "the School, in addition to helping them in the beginning, has to help them go further and take a sign to get to Madrid prepared."

El Fundi has highlighted that this "has been a positive continuation" and has been grateful "to the Community that has put us in the hands of Plaza 1 to carry out an exciting project for the future of bullfighting." intervention, Fundi has explained the positive results that have obtained the students in the 54 celebrations in which they have intervened, emphasizing among others the triumph in the contest 'Road to Las Ventas' of the hand of Alejandro Rodríguez.

Finally Manuel Ángel Fernández thanked the company for the initiative of this event and pointed out that "the project of the School was an unknown how it would turn out and regardless of the good figures of celebrations and results, the Community is very satisfied with its work with some students that in the arena of Las Ventas are acquiring the values ​​of bullfighting so necessary in today's society ".

Poster of the contest 'The Opportunity'

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