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Eulalio López Díaz Zotoluco

Bullfight tickets to see Eulalio López Díaz Zotoluco in his bullfights! Buy your tickets now with Servitoro for bullfights happening this year with bullfighter Zotoluco.

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Bullfighter Eulalio López Díaz


Date of birth: Azcapotzalco, Mexico, on January 12, 1968.

Public debut: On April 24, 1983

Debut of lights:

He debuted with picadors: In Mexico on July 22, 1984 in a poster completed by Manuel Lima and Curro Cruz La Laguna Steer

Debut Sales: On 23 March 1997 Sponsor: Manolo Sanchez. Witness: Oscar Higares. Livestock Conde de la Maza. The bull was called Aguardiente, black dotted, 530 kilos. Cheers and clapping. He was scarlet and gold.

Alternative: In Buenaventura (Mexico) sharing the bill with Miguel Espinosa "Armillita Chico" and Javier Escobar, "El Fraile" with bulls of La Playa el July 20, 1986