Bullfighting wallet for men "muleta" cloth

Let yourself be seduced by this exclusive bullfighting wallet for men "capote" cloth, one of the best gifts with which you will conquer any fan of bullfighting, and which few lovers of a Spanish and elegant look will be able to resist. What are you waiting for to get it?

A high-quality bullfighting wallet, with a design made by Servitoro with the design of the Spain flag. It will become the perfect complement for men who appreciate the quality of Spanish fashion and the bullfighting world. In short, men like you.

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An exclusive leather wallet for men made in Ubrique with all the Spanish essence

This wallet for men is made 100% in Spain with authentic leather "muleta" cloth from Ubrique, which allows us to guarantee superior quality and great durability.

Servitoro's exclusive design. Servitoro logo and the Spain flag appear as decoration. A unique leather wallet for men, with a design thought for Spanish bullfighting lovers.

Why is this men's wallet the perfect gift?

Elegant and very comfortable to wear, with the leather wallet for men you can store cards and paper money.

Due to its size (12 x 9 cm), the bullfigthing wallet for men is ideal to carry in your pocket and always have the documentation perfectly protected, without sacrificing style.

Outside of the leather wallet is red made with "capote" cloth and incorporates a brown leather band in which the Spanish flag and the Servitoro logo appear.

Inside is 100% cowhide, where you will find a double compartment for paper money and several for cards.

With this "capote" cloth wallet you can complete a Spanish look, always carrying our flag with you, wherever you go.

Summary of technical details:


• Card compartments.
• Paper money compartments.
• Leather band with engraved brand anagram interspersed with Spain flags.


• 12 x 9 cm.



• 60% Polyamide
• 25% Cotton
• 15% Calf Leather


• 100% Calf Leather


• Do not dry clean.
• Do not iron.
• Can not tumble dry.
• Do not wash.
• Do not use whitener.

Recommendations for optimal maintenance:

• When not in use, store the bullfighting wallet in a cool, dry place, protected of the sun and of excessive heat.
• Avoid contact with water, oilseeds, cosmetics or solvents.
• If necessary, go to a specialist in the treatment of this type of skin.