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Francisco José Espada

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Bullfighter Francisco José Espada

Date of Birth: On September 17, 1993 in Fuenlabrada (Madrid).

Public debut: On October 18, 2009

Debut with picadors: Fuenlabrada, on September 16, 2012 in a poster completed by Uceda Leal and Matias Tejela (in a run of mixed bulls) with steers Mariano de Leon.

Sales Debut: On May 19, 2014, Madrid acartelado with Posada de Maravillas and Gongora Lama with steers El Montecillo.

Alternative: In Cuenca sharing the bill with "Morante de la Puebla" and Jose Maria Manzanares with bulls from the ranch of El Tajo on August 24, 2015

In the 2010 season he participated in the Taurinos bolsines of Ciudad Rodrigo, Vitigudino, La Rioja, emerging triumphant in the Bolsín Villa Candeleda and in the international competition of bullfighting schools of Salamanca. In the year 2010 a total of 13 bullfighting festivities cutting a total of 14 ears and 4 tails.

In 2011 his most important successes have been out winner of "The Silver Spike Calasparra" (Murcia) cutting a total of 2 ears and pardon in Yecla (Murcia) of a steer Nazario Ibañez at the festival held to benefit the Lorca earthquake.