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Valencia bullring. Las Fallas Fair. Bullfight.

The price includes management fees Servitoro + 10% surcharge applied by the promoter.

To access the bullring, you must print the PDF TICKET, access with purchase invoice is not allowed. If you don't see our mail, check all your inboxes (also SPAM).

Servitoro, Official Box office of bullfighting tickets sales at Valencia bullring.

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Bullfight Tickets Valencia 2024

Fallas are the main festivals of Valencia. They held every year in the month of March finishing the day March 19, the day of San José. These parties are among the most important in Spain, and in those days many people come to celebrate. The most important acts of the parties are:

  • La Plantá: is to expose all the monuments called faults, through the streets of Valencia.

  • Awards To Failures: The winner fails saved cream.

  • Ofrenda Of flowers to La Virgen de los Desamparados.

  • The Cremá: party last night cream, which is the burning of all faults except the winner fails is performed.

  • Mascletá: a firework display is based on various firecrackers and fireworks end it is a show that attempts to base noise to stimulate the body. This is done every day in the Valencia Town Hall Square at 12:00 am.

During these festivals the city is filled with booths, food and drink on the street, colored lights, people dressed in traditional costume is the costume faller, noise of firecrackers all day.

How to understand a bullfight?

Whether it is your first time at the bulls or if you are already passionate about the bullfighting world, you will enjoy your bullfighting experience more with the mini-encyclopaedia Toro. The book explains the step by step of the bullfight in Valencia. It shows you a graphic and entertaining way to understand the bullfighting spectacles in Spain. Buy your bullfighting guide here

How to buy your official tickets for the Feria de Fallas in Valencia?

Please read in detail the Servitoro Purchase Conditions and if you have any doubt please contact us by calling +34 96 330 85 93 or by WhatsApp +341 647 66 93 71.

Servitoro, as an official sales service, offers you the possibility to purchase your tickets easily and safely from your home, avoiding long queues and waiting at the box office. Handling fee of 12€ per ticket + 10% surcharge applied by the promoter.

Bullfight tickets are sent in PDF format to your email. It is important that you make sure you receive our emails. Please check all inboxes including Spam. If you do not see our emails, please let us know immediately.

To access the bullring in Valencia it is mandatory to bring your printed paper bullfighting tickets, if you don't bring them printed you may not be allowed to enter. Avoid queues and unnecessary waiting by going to the show 1-2 hours in advance, find your seat quietly and enjoy the festive atmosphere of the Coso de Valencia.

The organiser's preliminary explanations about the show

  • Duration of the show: 120 minutes

  • Tickets in paper format are to be submitted in printed format only. This format cannot be submitted on mobile devices. The venue may refuse access to the venue if entries are not submitted in paper format.