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Biography of Santiago Ambel Posada – Bullfighter - Entries bulls for bullfights all your favorite bullfighter Santiago Ambel Posada in Servitoro.

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Bulfighter Santiago Ambel Posada

Birth date: On April 19, 1984 in Badajoz

Debut with bullfighter´s equestrian assistants: On September 13, 2003 Olivenza in a poster beside to Luis Bolivar and Javier Solis with  Herederos de Bernardino Píriz steers.

Presentation: On April 30,  2005 in Las Ventas (Madrid), in a poster beside to Alvaro Justo and Alejandro Morilla with Román Sorando steers.

Alternativa: On July 13, 2006 in Pamplona witness Miguel Ángel Perera with Ymbro steers.

Confirmation: On May 22, 2007 in las Ventas (Madrid) With La Palmosilla Bulls.