Domingo Hernández

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Bulls Domingo Hernández

Owner: D. Domingo Hernández Martín

Badge: Blue, red y green.

Acronym: UAB

Ear signal: Hoja de higuera en ambas.[hojadehiguera]

Cattle farm: 'Traguntía'37216 POZOS DE HINOJO (Salamanca);tfno.: 923 50 07 59.

History: In 1924 Rafael Clairac Lamamie purchased for his son Don Leopoldo iron and a quarter that is divided after the death of Don Luis Gamero Civic livestock which he had gained Parladé Ferdinand. In 1992, Don Antonio Peláez sold exclusively Clairac Lamamie of iron rights to Don Domingo Hernandez and he adds in his herd of cattle belonging to Dona Amelia Pérez-Tabernero and Don Domingo Ortega, with stallions "Garcigrande" provenance Don Juan Pedro Domecq.

Award the best bull breeding of San Isidro fair 2017 of Madrid.