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Published : 2019-11-12 00:00:00
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Pérez Mota, Ángel Puerta or Rafaelillo have started new paths in recent days

Manuel Pérez Mota will return to the ring next season with Hipólito Sánchez. The bullfighter from Cádiz has spent the last two seasons away from the bullrings but has not stopped preparing, concentrating on training, the field and his personal growth.  
Sánchez recently broke his relationship with the bullfighter Javier Castaño and is very excited about the new project, whose main objective will be France, where Pérez Mota enjoyes good atmosphere, and of course enter the circuit of Spanish fairs.

Ángel Puerta has new manager

Francisco Lorenzo, from Valladolid, will be the director of the professional career of the bullfighter Ángel Puerta. The agreement has been closed with a handshake and for an indefinite period, with an eye on both Spain and France. The bullfighter is grateful for the confidence placed in him as he considers this key moment to put his name back on the posters.

Sánchez Mejías takes the reins of Rafaelillo's career

Rafaelillo will return to the bullring next season, after the very serious caught in Pamplona that has kept him recovering. And he will do it by the hand of Sevillian Sánchez Mejías, last agent of Joselito Adame in Spain, who has manifested the great ambition and importance of the new season after the accident suffered. Rafaelillo is excited and eager to show his ability again.

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Archive images of Pérez Mota, Ángel Puerta and Rafaelillo

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