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Jiménez Pasquau

Bulls of Jiménez Pasquau. All the information on bull breeding, ownership, currency, farms, acronyms and history. Buy your tickets for all bull fighting events with bulls from Jiménez Pasquau.

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Bulls Jiménez Pasquau

Owner: Cortijo Los Cuellos S.L.

Currency: white and yellow.

Acronym: UBP.

Ear signal: blunt on the right and notched in front on the left.

Ranch farm: Encinar de Los Cuellos, CARBONEROS (Jaén)

History: The Jiménez Pasquau ranching from Jaén is back with more strength and enthusiasm than ever. This cattle ranching began in 1971 with cows and stallions of Primitivo Valdeolivas. In 1972 and 1973 all of the above was eliminated and the stud farm was formed with cows and stallions of Samuel Flores. This change gave rise to the best years of the cattle ranch, which was present at important fairs such as Madrid, Valencia and Gijón, among others. Today, the cows graze at the Los Cuellos farm, in the municipality of La Carolina, while the new yearling males are already in the enclosures of the general cortijo de Riego, where the males of the well-known Jaén-based iron were always kept and which is now fully operational again. After several years without livestock, there is also a bullfight there, the product of the few cows that Juan Pablo kept from the Juan Pedro Domecq line and a couple of young bulls.