Paco Ureña releases manager

Published : 2019-10-30 00:00:00
Categories : Toreros

The Murcian bullfighter was free after breaking up the professional relationship with Simón Casas and Juan Diego    

Paco Ureña has announced today that a new path begins with José María Garzón, Lances de Futuro businessman. At the beginning of this month of October he ended his professional relationship with Simón Casas and Juan Diego, who accompanied him, being free.

On the other hand, José María Garzón also broke his relations with the bullfighters José Garrido and Joaquín Galdós this month. The agent and businessman also manages bullrings such as Granada, Algeciras or Las Rozas.

The bullfighter from Lorca has been one of the great winners of the 2019 season and in the coming weeks he will fulfill his commitments in America, where Lima and Mexico await him, already in the hands of his new agent.  

jose maria garzon manager

José María Garzón. Photography from the Periódico de Extremadura.

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