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Bullring of Olivenza, Badajoz. Fair of March. The first bullfight and the first festival of the year. This festival marks the beginning of the bullfighting season in Spain. The bullfighting fans fill Bullring in full. Tickets sell out in a few hours!. All the information about bullfighting, bullfighters and bullring from Olivenza.

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Bullring Olivenza

Olivenza, situated close to the Spain-Portugal border, is a town in the autonomous community of Extremadura.
An excursion to the town of Olivenza from Badajoz is most interesting. The town once belonged to Portugal (some claim it still does!) and this association is clear for all to see. A stroll around the town’s streets, churches and convents is recommended.
The Festival of Olivenza is the best example of how a modest sized town has become a benchmark for the world of bullfighting. Here fans from Spain, France and Portugal meet annually to enjoy some of the world’s outstanding matadors. Olivenza is the first important bullfight festival of the year occurring on March . On the weekend of this festival also takes place the Iberian Bull Festival (Feria Iberia del Toro), at which there are an exhibition on the theme of the world of bullfighting, conferences, dedication ceremonies, concerts, and bullfights.

In January of 1857 Queen Isabel II gave a Royal Order for which she granted permission to build a bullring inside bulwark number four in the city of Olivenza. The inauguration took place on June 29, 1868 (or at least it is the first poster of which there is evidence). That afternoon, Francisco Arjona Cúchares gave the alternative to the bullfighter Juan Cuervo, from Badajoz. In 1958 the columns and arches that now adorn the upper part of the bullring were constructed, where the stands are located, being president of Olivenza Bullring Society, owner of the arena, Mr. Bernardino Píriz Carballo. But the most important work of reform came between 1990 and 1991, being president Mr. Marceliano Ortiz Blasco. It was then when the total remodeling of the facilities was carried out, providing the arena of ‘albero’ (the typical sand), constructing new stables, changing all the tables of the alley and all the layouts were numbered with marble stone. The plaza currently has a capacity of 5,600 locations.

General Information about Olivenza bullring:

  • Capacity: 5.600 locations
  • Category: Second

Who manages the bullring in Olivenza?

The bullring is managed by the company FIT.

Check the official bullfighting schedule to match a bullfight with your visit dates

  • Bullfighting Fair on March.

What do you need to know before going to the bullfights in Olivenza?

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