Aranjuez. Bullring

Bullring of Aranjuez, Madrid. Aranjuez, is only 48 km from Madrid, 25 minutes' drive from Madrid or train from Atocha Renfe Station Madrid.The other classic bullring in Comunity of Madrid is the bullring of Aranjuez each year at the Feria de San Fernando celebrates one of bullfighting's most prestigious in the country. Always completely sold out!. 

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Bullring Aranjuez   

The Bullring of Aranjuez in Madrid province was inaugurated in 1797. In 1809 the Bullring suffers a devastating fire, and it was re-built again until twenty years later.

On May 30th of each year, the feast of San Fernando in the bullring of Aranjuez held a major celebration of bullfighting, which usually has the major figures of the time and the wild cattle is at best conditional.

Aranjuez celebrates its own bullfighting in September, coinciding with the festivities that commemorate the famous mutiny in which all the people stormed the palace of Godoy, to give prominence to this historic commemoration, is included in the program a run Goyesca in which the audience also tends to have dressed in the style of the late eighteenth century.

All the information about bullfighting, bullfighters and bullring of Aranjuez. Enjoy the Spanish culture.

General information Aranjuez bullring

  • Capacity: 9000 places.

  • Category: 2nd.

  • Location: Av. Plaza de Toros, 28300 Aranjuez.

Who manages the bullring in Aranjuez?

The bullring is managed by the Circuitos Taurinos company.

Check the official bullfighting schedule to match a bullfight with your visit dates.

  • Bullfighting festivity of San Fernando. In May at Traditional bullfight. Tickets Bullfighting Aranjuez often sells out and many people who buy tickets at the last minute find themselves unable to enter. We recommend to you to buy the tickets in advance.
  • Feria del Motín. September. Is a "Goyesca Bullfight" The bullfighters wear traditional costumes.

What do you need to know before going to the bullfights in Aranjuez?

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