La Real Maestranza. Sevilla. Bullring

Bullring of Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla. Bullring Sevilla. All the information about bullfighting, bullfighters and bullring of Sevilla. See a Bullfight in the unique setting of Bullring Sevilla is a unique, unforgettable experience.

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Bullring La Real Maestranza. Sevilla

  • Real Maestranza de Sevilla Bullring is considered the most important and most traditional bullfighting in Spain. Known as "La Maestranza". It is one of the oldest bullring, most beautiful and tourist attraction.
  • It was the first place to have a circular shape (oval). During the Feria de San Miguel in 1915 was the first time he cut off his ear in La Maestranza and the protagonist was Joselito el Gallo.
  • The show in Seville is in the ring, with the first figures-, and in the stands, is populated by an amateur wise, tolerant and, in its way, cruel. The famous "silence" of the Maestranza, punishable by indifference to the bullfighters. A big win in "La Mestranza" early in the season can be used to place up to a bullfighter for several years.
  • The April Fair is known for the set of stalls and attractions that are installed in the Fairgrounds neighborhood of "Los Remedios". In these houses the Sevillian and Tourists enjoy the singing and dancing, a good "tapas" accompanied by a glass of cherry (Manzanilla) or "rebujito" typical drink, taking the end of the day "churros con chocolate", then leave the fairgrounds in search of a place to rest, recover desire and strength to return to the fairgrounds the next day. Most of people come to this fairground with dressed in the costumes of the city "flamenco/a.
  • Fair of Chinese lanterns (Semana de Farolillos). From May 13 to 26
    The Feria de San Miguel is another major fairs in Seville. It is celebrated in the month of September with important figures of bullfighting. (From September 25th to 27th)

Information of the Sevilla bullring

  • Capacity: 12.538 locations.
  • Category: first category.
  • Location: Paseo cristobal Colón 12, 41001 - Sevilla

Who manages the bullring of Sevilla?

The bullring is managed by the company Sevilla Pagés.

Guided visits to Sevilla bullring

Visit the bullring of Pamplona througth a guided tour and know all its corners and its great museum. Languages: Spanish and English. Opening times: Every day, 9:30-19:00.

Check the official bullfighting schedule to match a bullfight with your visit dates:

  • April 5th. Domingo Resurrección.
  • April. 13-26th. Seville April Fair.
  • May, every Sunday. Novilladas (Young bulls).
  • June 4th. Fair of corpus christie. Bullfights with young bulls are held every Sunday afternoon
  • July. Every sunday. Novilladas (Young bulls).
  • September 25-27th. San Miguel Fair.
  • October 12th. The bullfighting season ends.

What do you need to know before going to the bullfights at Sevilla

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