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Bullfight season tickets Málaga – Multi day bullfighting passes at 19:30 - Servitoro.com 

Málaga Bullring. Feria de Agosto. 5 bullfighting shows. August 14th to 20th.

The price includes management fees Servitoro + 10% surcharge applied by the promoter.

To access the bullring, you must print the PDF TICKET, access with purchase invoice is not allowed. Please confirm that you receive our mails, CHECK SPAM.

Servitoro, Official Box office of bullfighting tickets sales at Málaga bullring.

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Bullfight tickets Málaga 2024

Málaga multi day bullfighting passes from August 14th to 20th.

  • Wednesday, 14th August. Young bulls from Sobral for Alejandro Chicharro, Alejandro Cano and Simón Andreu.

  • Thursday, 15 August. Bulls from Torrealta for Cayetano, Emilio de Justo and Pablo Aguado.

  • Friday, 16th August. Bulls by Juan Pedro Domecq for Enrique Ponce, Morante and Juan Ortega.

  • Saturday, 17th August. Bulls from Murteira Grave for Rafaelillo, Manuel Escribano and Javier Orozco.

  • Sunday, 18 August. Rejones. Bulls from Benítez Cubero and Pallarés for Rui Fernandes, Diego Ventura and Ferrer Martín.

  • Monday, 19th August. Bulls from Lagunajanda for David Galván, Borja Jiménez and Ginés Marín.

  • Tuesday, 20th August. Mano a mano. Bulls from Jandilla, Núñez del Cuvillo and Daniel Ruiz for Fortes and Roca Rey.

Do you want to know more about the bullfighting world?

Knowledge of bulls is the key to good amateur, why Servitoro explains step by step the art of bullfighting, that you learn to see and enjoy the ceremony of the Lidia del Toro bravo. Become with us a first amateur in 15 minutes!

How to get bullfight tickets for Malaga bullring?

Servitoro, as the official sales service of the Málaga bullring, offers you the possibility to buy your tickets easily and securely from your home, avoiding long queues and waiting at the box office. Surcharge applied by the promoter 10% + handling fee of 12€ per ticket.

We recommend that you read carefully the Servitoro Purchase Conditions and in case of doubt please contact our customer service team on +34 96 330 85 93 or WhatsApp +34 647 66 93 71.

Tickets for Málaga will be sent in PDF format 3-4 days before the event. In order to access the venue you must print the ticket, it is not allowed to enter the bullring with the purchase invoice. If you don't see our mail, check all your inboxes (also SPAM).

The organiser's explanations about bullfighting show in Málaga

Duration of the show: 120 minutes

Go to the show 1-2 hours in advance to avoid queues and crowds, so you will be able to find your seat without any problems.

Tickets in paper format are to be submitted in printed format only. This format cannot be submitted on mobile devices. The venue may refuse access to the venue if entries are not submitted in paper format.