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Las Ventas Bullring. Madrid bullfighting season. 23 bullfighting shows (details below)

18 bullfights + 2 Bullfights (on horseback) + 3 Novilladas (young bulls)

The price includes 10% surcharge applied by the promoter.

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Bullfight season tickets Madrid 2023

Bullfight tickets Madrid 2023

The Abono (Multi-day tickets) includes 23 bullfights of the whole season. Starting from the 10th of May with a bullfight and and ends on 4 June. The following are the details of all the fairs that will take place in the most emblematic bullring of Spain.

San Isidro Bullfighting Fair

San Isidro Bullfighting Fair is the most prestigious bullfighting fair internationally. During the whole month of May and part of June, numerous bullfights are held in Las Ventas, with bullfighting stars and top level bull-breeders.

  • May 7. Preferia. Novillada.

  • May 10-15. Bullfights (6).

  • May 17. Novillada.

  • May 18 and 19. Bullfights (2).

  • May 20. Rejones.

  • May 21. Bullfight.

  • May 23. Novillada.

  • May 24-28. Bullfights (5).

  • May 30. Novillada.

  • May 31. Novillada.

  • June 1 and 2. Bullfights (2).

  • June 3. Rejones.

  • June 4. Bullfight.

Beneficence, in Memoriam, Novillada de Triunfadores (young bullfighters)

Traditional Charity Bullfight and this year the novelty, in Memoriam (these bullfights are not include in Abono)

  • June 11. Corrida de Beneficiencia.

  • June 18. Corrida In Memoriam.

  • June 25. Novillada (San Isidro winners).

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